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I am a retired teacher and got into prospecting as a hobby with my family.  We locate mining claims, keep some claims to prospect ourselves for gold on them in the claim creeks and washes, and sell some. 

We have for sale 20 acre and 40 acre gold mining claims in California, Colorado, and Arizona. 

Total price of $2000 for a 20 acre gold mining claim. Total price of $3950 for a 40 acre gold mining claim. A signed contract will precede payment.

 Owning a mining claim is having access to a lifetime of great family fun and recreation, in a very beautiful, natural setting.

All our claims have direct legal road access on County & National Forestry roads, with areas for camping, and gold discovered in surface prospecting.
In California and Colorado, each claim has a beautiful creek for prospecting, and our Arizona claims each has a wash known for gold accumulation.
A transfer of a mining claim ownership is a sale of legal, exclusive ownership of a mining claim site for prospecting. To be a legally recorded claim, gold had to be found on the claim, which was completed by me, as my wife and I are the original claim locators.
Your ownership is legally conveyed via a Quit Claim deed,
and legally recorded with the local BLM and County.  A Quit Claim deed is the required legal document per the BLM.  Each year, on or before September 1st, you need to file a simple form with the Bureau of Land Management, along with $155 (20 acre claim), or $310 (40 acre claim.)  By doing this, you keep the claim forever. You must be a current US citizen with a US address to own a mining claim in the US.
I have paid the fee for this year.
"We visited and panned on our claim creek in Colorado this past June and had a wonderful time. We’re very pleased with the location and the claim itself."
"We have been to our mining claim in California that we purchased from you last year. The area is stunningly beautiful, and we couldn't be happier with our purchase."
"Living in Arizona, the mining claim we purchased from you has added greatly to our family outings. We are finding gold in the wash on our claim most every visit. Thank you so much!” 
 thank you,
Michael Leu
Mentor Ohio

Michael Leu Mentor Ohio's Experience:

  • Prospector, Mining Claim locator and sales at Mining Claims 4 Sale

    We locate, prospect, and sell mining claims in California, Colorado, & Arizona. Michael Leu Mentor Ohio

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  • Oakland University

    MA Counseling
    Concentration: Counseling
    Activities: Michael Leu Mentor Ohio

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